Brady Vs. Brees — Their Fight Against Father Time

The highly anticipated Sunday Night Football matchup in Tampa Bay between the Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints turned into a stat-padding event for Drew Brees. Tom Brady and the Buccaneers will likely throw away the game film from this one… Nothing went their way on Sunday as they fell to 6–3 while the Saints improve to 6–2.

2 of the 3 Buccaneer losses have now been at the hands of the Saints. Week 1, we saw a tighter matchup as the Saints came out on top 34–23 in the Superdome… This matchup was a little less competitive.

Final Score: Saints 38 | Buccaneers 3

It is well documented that Drew Brees and Tom Brady are two of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL… This is evident by their touchdown totals. Both playing into their 40’s, they are 1 and 2 on the list for most career touchdown passes. Brees with 564 and Brady with 561 after Sunday Night. Drew Brees threw 4 touchdown passes while Brady threw none in the blowout. This is what gave Brees the 3-touchdown edge in the record books

During last week’s Monday Night Football game between the Giants and the Buccaneers, the ESPN Graphics Crew did what they do bets. They put together this graphic of Brees and Brady on a seesaw showing their touchdown totals go back and forth… It was amazing.

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Monday Night Football Graphic of the Touchdown Leaderboard Prior to their Week 9 Matchup

Meanwhile, poor Peyton Manning is in on the proverbial ‘bench’ as he has retired from the NFL and is no longer a horse in this touchdown race.

A legendary Monday Night Football graphic to say the least… Whoever creates these at ESPN deserves a raise immediately.

So, it is obvious that the competition between one another is at an all time high… especially now that they play in the same division.

The two of them did not start the season very well. Especially Brees. Playing without Michael Thomas was proving to be a major detriment to Brees’ game. His numbers were down. The velocity on his throws looked to have decreased significantly. He did not look like the Brees we saw in 2019 prior to his thumb injury.

The same thing goes for Brady. Many were saying he is washed up and that he should have retired after the Superbowl victory in 2019. However, it is obvious that he is out to prove a point. The point being that he can win without Belichick.

Brady has turned it around since his slow start. The question of him being washed up had been put to rest and the Buccaneers have been playing inspired football. They were starting to look like a team that could make a run come playoff time. A tenacious defense and a legendary quarterback… What more could you ask for…?

Then, they go out and add a former pro-bowl wide receiver in Antonio Brown… You’re thinking, ‘Alright, the Bucs are ALL IN and they are a team to be reckoned with.’

That all came to a screeching halt on Sunday Night. The defense looked pedestrian… Brady could not do anything offensively, and the new addition of Antonio Brown looked to have zero positive impact. The Saints put them in a body bag and the game was all but over after the first half.

On the flip side, this was really the first game that Drew Brees has looked like himself. He had his #1 wide receiver back in the lineup after missing the first 8 weeks of the season. You could tell instantly that the Saints offense looked better with Michael Thomas on the field event if they weren’t getting him the ball.

While Brees looked more comfortable with a full cavalry of offensive talent, he did not lean on them to make him look good. He spread the ball around to all their offensive weapons… In the first half alone, Brees had completed a pass to 11 different players. That is unheard of…

Brees wound up throwing for 222 Yards, 4 Touchdowns and 0 Interceptions. Looking much like the star quarterback fans are accustomed to.

It was fun to see the gamesmanship at the end of the game. With the win well in hand, the Saints offense led by backup quarterback/ utility man Taysum Hill got down inside the 10-yard line. Sean Payton elected to put Brees back into the game. This move was presumably made so that Brees could throw yet another touchdown pass (which he did) and increase his lead over Brady in the history books.

Brady’s stat line looked a little different. He finished with 209 Yards, 0 Touchdowns and 3 Interceptions.


While both quarterbacks seem to be holding off ‘Father Time’, they still have their moments when their age shows. Take Brady against the Bears in week 5. Brady ‘forgot’ it was 4th down and ultimately cost the Buccaneers a chance to win the game.

The slow start for both quarterbacks can be linked to the nature of this season. Due to the pandemic, they did not get a full training camp, nor did they get any pre-season games to knock the rust off. They were tossed right into regular season football, and the rust was evident.

9 weeks into the NFL season, both quarterbacks have hit their stride. NFL fans could be looking at a 3rd matchup between these two first ballot Hall of Fame quarterbacks come playoff time. That could make for an all-time classic game.

Father time will catch up eventually as he is undefeated, but for now, Brees and Brady will continue to do what they do best… Throw TD’s and win football games.

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