Cubs and Marquee Network fill the void of Len Kasper

Jon ‘Boog’ Sciambi — The new voice of the Chicago Cubs

After Len Kasper parted ways with the Chicago Cubs and Marquee Network to take on the radio job with the White Sox, fans have been wondering who would be his replacement. Well, at long last, the Chicago Cubs and Marquee Network got a gem to replace the great Len Kasper.

Jon ‘Boog’ Sciambi will be the new voice of the Chicago Cubs and Marquee Network along with Jim Deshaies who will be returning to the booth for another season with the Cubs. Jon Sciambi is a character. That is the only way to put it. His light-hearted energy that he brought to so many broadcasts over the years at ESPN will be a glimpse into what he will bring to his new role with the Cubs. I personally am very excited about the new addition to the booth. Obviously, when you lose a legendary voice like Len Kasper, it is tough to find a replacement that can adequately fill his shoes. Jon Sciambi will do just that.

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Former broadcaster and now Cubs Manager David Ross (Left) in the booth with new Cubs and Marquee Network Play-By-Play Announcer, Jon ‘Boog’ Sciambi (Middle).

Sciambi has a history in the booth with now Cubs Manager and former player, David Ross. They called a few games together when Rossy took his talents to the broadcast booth before becoming the Cubs skipper. Here is a clip that I wanted to link to this article to give Cubs fans a window into what we will see with Jon Sciambi in the booth.

After watching the clip, you can tell that Sciambi is well loved and respected by players, managers, and broadcast partners alike. He will bring a new perspective to Cubs games that might be tough to watch for the next few years while the team seemingly goes into a rebuilding phase.

Sciambi had a great quote when asked why he took the job to become the new Play-By-Play announcer for the Chicago Cubs and Marquee Network. Sciambi said ‘I want to be where baseball matters. And baseball matters on the North Side of Chicago.’ He is already demonstrating that he understands the importance of baseball to Cubs fans. No matter how the team is performing on the field, Cubs fans will always be supporting their team, watching games on TV or at historic Wrigley Field.

Sciambi’s quote really set me over the edge when forming my opinion of the signing. While he may come off a bit wonky to many, I think he will endear himself to the Cubs faithful with the way he brings baseball to life. A sport that can have plenty of downtime needs to have an announcer that can fill that down time with witty commentary, vast knowledge of the game, and overall good energy.

The Cubs, and the Marquee Sports Network get an A+ grade from me with the signing of Jon Sciambi to fill the hole that Len Kasper left with his departure to the South Siders radio booth.

Welcome to Chicago, Boog!

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