Friday Pick ’Em — Week 10 NFL Picks

NFL week 9 in the books. Time is flying by! We are over halfway through the 2020 NFL Regular Season… Personally, I did not believe the NFL would make it this far. Especially considering the early season Covid-19 cases across multiple teams.

The NFL and each individual team have done a great job containing the sporadic cases around their respective facilities before they turn into outbreaks. Kudos to them for that.

With that out of the way, here were my Week 9 NFL Pick results; Spoiler alert… My picks DID NOT do well.

Same format as last week; 13 Games (No Thursday Night)

Point Spreads — 3/13 (23%)

Over/ Under — 8/13 (62%)

Both Spread & O/U — 1/13 (8%)

Second week of making my NFL picks available to the public and I am thoroughly embarrassed… I am not mad at myself… I am just disappointed. Hopefully, nobody took my advice on last week’s picks and lost money by doing so… If you did, I will not be reimbursing you.

Yes, my mortal lock of the week is now 0–2. I will not be taking questions at this time.

Let’s just forget last week even happened and move forward into my week 10 NFL Picks, Shall we?

Spreads and Over/ Under Numbers again courtesy of ESPN as of Friday, 11/13/2020.

Early Slate:

Texans @ Browns

- Spread: CLE -3

- O/U: 53.5

The Browns continue to play well without the services of OBJ… On the other hand, the Texans look bad. The trade of Deandre Hopkins is haunting them. Browns in dog pound at home should take care of the Texans, but as the line suggests, it will come down to the wire.

Browns -3 | Under 53.5

Washington Football Team @ Lions

- Spread: DET -4.5

- O/U: 46.5

Washington Football team is down to their 3rd string quarterback… former starter, Alex Smith. While the whole world gets nervous every time he drops back after his gruesome leg injury, he has looked decent. A lot better than he looked when he first came back. The Lions should be without Kenny Galloday and Matthew Stafford this week. Give the edge to Washington to cover the points

Washington Football Team +4.5 | Under 46.5

Jaguars @ Packers

- Spread: GB -13.5

- O/U: 49.5

The two-touchdown spread does concern me a bit, especially with the way the Jaguars looked behind rookie QB Jake Luton (free)… But I think Rodgers and Adams are going to be too much. Expect a big game from Rodgers, Adams, and Jones.

Packers -13.5 | Over 49.5

Eagles @ Giants

- Spread: PHI -3.5

- O/U: 44

When was the last time you watched a game between the Eagles and Giants, Mid-November that had playoff implications?? The answer is never. Eagles roll behind Carson Wentz and Travis Flugham.

Eagles -3.5 | Under 44

Buccaneers @ Panthers

- Spread: TB -5.5

- O/U: 50.5

Mike’s Mortal Lock of the Week

Buccaneers -5.5 | Over 50.5

Angry Tom Brady is going to blow off some steam and absolutely TORCH the Carolina defense.

Bold Prediction: 5 Touchdown Passes from Tom Brady

Afternoon Slate:

Broncos @ Raiders

- Spread: LV -4

- O/U: 50.5

Raiders come in having won 3 our of their last 4 games. The offense has been clicking as Carr and Waller have found their connection they had last season. On the flip side, the Broncos offense comes in waves. I think the Raiders are able to hold off a late comeback from Denver to improve to 6–3.

Raiders -4 | Over 50.5

Chargers @ Dolphins

- Spread: MIA -1.5

- O/U: 48

The Dolphins have been playing well behind rookie QB, Tua Tagovailoa. 2–0 now since naming him the starting quarterback. The Chargers rookie QB, Justin Herbert is no slouch himself. I just can’t justify taking the Chargers in a close game with the new ways they find ways to lose at the end of games each week.

Dolphins -1.5 | Over 48

Bills @ Cardinals

- Spread: ARI -2.5

- O/U: 56.5

The highest over/ under of the Sunday slate should be as advertised. The Bills are coming off of a dominant win over the Seahawks and the Cardinals are coming off a heartbreaker to the Dolphins… Both offenses look capable of taking the top off any defense. I think the Bills defense stands tall at end of this game and the Bills come out victorious in a close game.

Bills +2.5 | Over 56.5

Seahawks @ Rams

- Spread: LAR -1.5

- O/U: 54.5

An NFC West battle between the young Sean McVay and the Ancient, decaying Pete Carrol. After the Seahawks were shut down last week by the Bills, I think they bounce back in a big way. Russ continues to cook, but both offenses will have huge days. This is the daily fantasy game of the day to my estimation. Points on points.

Seahawks +1.5 | Over 54.5

49ers @ Saints

- Spread: NO -9.5

- O/U: 49

The poor 49ers have been banged up all season. Now they are without George Kittle for the remainder of the season. I don’t see San Francisco putting up any kind of fight in this one. Especially after what the Saints did to the Buccaneers last Sunday Night. The Saints continue marching.

Saints -9.5 | Over 49

Bengals @ Steelers

- Spread: PIT -6.5

- O/U: 45.5

The heated rivalry between the Steelers and Bengals never disappoints. The spread is a little generous in the favor of the Bengals. I think the Steelers defense is too much for Joe Burrow and they dominate to improve to 10–0…

Steelers -6.5 | Under 45.5

Sunday Night Football:

Ravens @ Patriots

- Spread: BAL -7

- O/U: 43.5

The Ravens offensive secrets are out… They seemingly cannot move the ball against anybody. However, the Patriots defense just made the Jets and Joe Flacco look like a semi-relevant football team. If Flacco can put up 27 against this defense, the sky is the limit for Lamar.

Ravens -7 | Over 43.5

Monday Night Football:

Vikings @ Bears

- Spread: MIN -2.5

- O/U: 43.5

The Bears have had the Vikings number for the past 3 seasons. I don’t think that changes on Monday Night. I think the Bears win this game outright to give their fans yet another glimmer of hope that they can be a competent football team.

Bears +2.5 | Under 43.5

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Josh Allen and Kyler Murray go head-to-head in week 10

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