Friday Pick ’Em — Week 8 NFL Picks

Alright, I am going to be completely transparent with everyone. I am not a gambler. Rarely do I put my money on the line by gambling on the outcome of sporting events.

Yes, it makes sporting events in which you have no rooting interest 100x more fun to watch, but I cannot handle the agony of defeat. The saying is “Don’t gamble more than you are willing to lose” Well I don’t want to lose any… Thus, why I do not gamble.

However, I have always had a dream of becoming a Bookie… Unfortunately for bookies and aspiring bookies like myself, the legalization of sports gambling has cannibalized the bookie industry. Presumably speaking… I am not entirely sure that is true.

With that being said, I have been inspired to put my NFL picks out there to whoever is willing to read them.

“Who inspired me?” You ask…

A better question would be “What inspired me?”

My inspiration came from a Hedge Hog named ‘Nostradamus’.

Now, I understand that this comes as a complete shock to those who are not familiar with the popular sports and pop culture podcast ‘Pardon My Take’. Here is the brief back story about how a Hedge Hog inspired me to make NFL picks…

One of the members of the podcast, Billy Football, AKA Belly Football, AKA Billy Feetball, AKA Billy Hot Takes. He has a pet Hedge Hog by the name of Nostradamus that has been making NFL picks. Amazingly, the Hedge Hog has a record of 13 wins and 3 losses… We have seen animals make picks before but 13–3 is an impressive record for anyone let alone a Hedge Hog.

This all just goes to show that anyone and anything can be successful making NFL picks, so I ask myself… “Why not me?”

So that is where I am at today… trying to out-do a Hedge Hog by choosing NFL spreads and the over/under for each of the 13 matchups on the week 8 NFL season. (Not including TNF)

Game spreads and over/under are based on ESPN as of 10/30/2020.

Early Slate:

- Patriots @ Bills

Line: Buffalo -4

O/U: 41

In this matchup I am taking the Bills to cover the spread of -4 and the under 41.

The Patriots look like an absolute dumpster fire ever since Cam has returned from the Covid list. Edelman reportedly had “Routine” knee surgery that we have all experienced before… and Patriots defense is nowhere near what it was last season being that the entire roster on that side of the ball opted out of the season. The one thing that gives me pause in this game is the Buffalo offense that has been invisible the last two weeks. That is why I take the under, but the Bills should cover the 4 point spread.

- Titans @ Bengals

Line: Tennessee -6.5

O/U: 51.5

My gut is telling me that Joey Burrow can keep the Bengals close in this game. He has looked solid since the beginning of the season and continues to get better. It helps to have some large targets to throw to in Tyler Boyd and AJ Green. It will be another tough matchup as Joe Mixon will miss his 2nd straight week, but they hung tough last week against a Cleveland and I think they can do it again against the Titans. I will take the Bengals +6.5 and the Over 51.5

- Raiders @ Browns

Line: Cleveland -2.5

O/U: 49.5

This game looks to have some sloppy weather rolling through Cleveland, but both teams have strong rushing attacks. Many have argued that Baker Mayfield is a better quarterback without OBJ who went down last week with a torn ACL. After OBJ went down, Baker had arguably the best game of his young career. However, I think Gruden figures out this Cleveland offense and shuts them down. I will take the Raiders to cover and the under 49.5 due to the weather concerns.

- Colts @ Lions

Line: Indianapolis -3

O/U: 50

In the only game that weather cannot affect, I will happily take the Colts -3 and the over 50.

The Colts defense has been very good at times. However, they have shown to be as vulnerable as anyone. I do think this could be the Marvin Jones game where he scores his 3 touchdowns of the season and gets his rightful spot on fantasy rosters until he puts up a stinker in week 9. Still taking the Colts -3.

- Vikings @ Packers

Line: Green Bay -6.5

O/U: 51

Packers -6.5 and the over of 51.

Lock of the week.

Can. Not. Lose.

- Jets @ Chiefs

Line: Kansas City -20.5

O/U 49.5

These are the type of lines you only see in college… Say’s a lot about this matchup.

You have to take the Chiefs -20.5 and the over 49.5. Patty Mahomes is simply too good and has not put up the numbers we are used to over the last 2 weeks on the road. Playing the Jets at home is just the tune up Mahomes needs. Chiefs by a billion.

- Rams @ Dolphins

Line: LA Rams -3.5

O/U: 46

The storyline of Tua making his first start in the NFL makes this a fun game to watch. However, the Rams are rolling, and I do not see Tua being able to dissect that pass rush. Taking the Rams -3.5 and the under 46 points.

- Steelers @ Ravens

Line: Baltimore -4.5

O/U: 46.5

Baltimore -4.5 seems generous granted this is the line as of Friday afternoon. Could very well change before Sunday. The way the Steelers have been playing I find it hard to pick against them in this one. Taking the Steelers +4.5 and the over 46.5.

Afternoon Slate:

- Chargers @ Broncos

Line: LAC -3.5

O/U: 44.5

I went back and forth with myself on this, but I have to take the Chargers to cover the 3.5 points. Justin Herbert is the real deal, and the Broncos offense is iffy at best. Give me Chargers -3.5 and the Over 44.5 points.

- Saints @ Bears

Line: New Orleans -5

O/U: 43

This was a tough game to pick simply because I know the Bears are going to win deep, deep down in my heart. However, for the sake of gamblers around the world… the maybe 10 that will read this… Take the Saints -5 and the under 43.

- 49ers @ Seahawks

Line: Seattle -3

O/U: 53.5

We could have an old fashion afternoon shootout on our hands with this one. Division matchup of two offenses that can air it out. If you consider a dump off from Jimmy G to Deebo Samuel “airing it out” on the 49er side. Going with the Seahawks at the nest -3 and the over 53.5.

Sunday Night Football

- Cowboys @ Eagles

Line: Philadelphia -10.5

O/U: 43

In this heated NFC B(EAST) rivalry, the Eagles are flying high after a comeback win over the G-Men last week on primetime. You have to bet on Carson Wentz to put on another show this week on SNF. Not to mention the poor Cowboys are down to their 3rd string QB, Rookie Ben DiNucci. Philly -10.5 and the under 43.

Monday Night Football

- Buccaneers @ Giants

Line: Tampa Bay -13

O/U: 45

Tom Brady is back and better than ever. The Giants are simply, still the Giants. Bucs -13 and the Over 45.

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