The Chicago White Sox Questionable Managerial Hire

The Chicago White Sox announced the hiring of their new skipper on October 29th, 2020. Hall of Famer, Tony La Russa won the job over managerial candidates like AJ Hinch, Alex Cora and former White Sox manager, Ozzie Guillen.

White Sox fans were openly critical of the move. Many believe La Russa is well past his prime as a manger and that he will not be able to connect with the young, talented roster on the South Side.

To make matters worse, the man La Russa is replacing, Rick Renteria placed 2nd in the AL Manager of the Year voting after leading the White Sox to their first postseason since 2008. Granted Renteria has always been a ‘Bridge’ manager. A guy that fills the managerial role for a franchise until the guy they really want becomes available.

At 76 years old, La Russa becomes the oldest active manager in the Big Leagues. 10 years the senior of the next eldest active manger.

Due to recent news, the last thing White Sox fans need to worry about is his age and fit with the team.

It is being reported that La Russa was arrested for DUI in Arizona back in February of 2020. This is not his first offense either… La Russa was arrested for a DUI all the way back in 2007 after falling asleep behind the wheel of his running car in Florida.

La Russa was charged with his most recent DUI on October 28th, 2020… Just one day prior to signing with the White Sox to become their next manager.

BOMBSHELL in 3… 2… 1…

The White Sox knew about it and still hired him!

Yes, the Chicago White Sox admitted to knowing about the DUI charge, but still went through with the decision to put him on the payroll.

Now, is this a case of ‘No Harm, No Foul’?


Is this a case of complete laziness on the part of the White Sox?

While I do understand that a DUI is not the worst thing a manager has ever done or been involved with, but it is something that should tell you about the character of an individual. Thankfully, nobody was hurt or worse when La Russa made the decision… multiple times to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

I am trying to give the White Sox, and more importantly the Reinsdorf ownership the benefit of the doubt in this situation, but it is hard… very hard.

I think it was a case of complete laziness, and overall negligence on the part of the Chicago White Sox.

They had it set in their mind that La Russa was going to be their next manager… Once they heard about his DUI charge, they thought ‘Well, we already did our interviews and have come to a decision’

They did not want to have their managerial search to suffer a setback. So, they went ahead and hired him without delay.

This story is not over yet. It continues to develop.

Now, it has been reported by multiple sources that La Russa tried to use his ‘Hall of Fame’ status and World Series pedigree to weasel his way out of the traffic stop.

He told the police officer ‘Do you see my ring?… I’m a Hall of Famer Baseball person’

Yup… seems drunk to me… Who says ‘Baseball person’

The officer must not have been a big baseball fan as La Russa was treated just like everyone else who decides to drive drunk and rightfully so.

La Russa goes on to tell the officer ‘I’m legit. I’m a Hall of Famer brother. You’re just trying to embarrass me.’

The White Sox have hired a complete Public Relations nightmare to become their next manger. This story becomes worse by the second for both La Russa and the Chicago White Sox.

Most Sox fans did not like the move when it happened, and the recent reports make it tougher to see the positives by the day.

With such a young, talented roster, the White Sox should have looked at any other managerial candidate. However, only time will tell whether the White Sox decide to move forward with La Russa or terminate the agreement.

If they do decide to roll with their decision of hiring the ‘Hall of Fame Baseball person’ it will be interesting to see if he can bring this team back to World Series contention.

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New White Sox Manager, Tony La Russa

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