Giannis Max’s out in Milwaukee

Antetokounmpo inks Supermax Deal with the Bucks

The questions on whether Giannis will stay in Milwaukee or leave in free agency have been answered. On Tuesday, the Bucks and Giannis Antetokounmpo agreed on a 5 year $228.2 Million Supermax contract. The largest contract in NBA history. Just an amazing story for a player who has worked tirelessly to get where is today. Although his younger brother Kostas has a Championship ring, Giannis secured the future of the Antetokounmpo family for generations to come.

Giannis went from jogging to the Bucks practice facility because he had sent so much money back home to his family that he could not afford a cab to the richest contract in the history of the National Basketball Association. A true example of the American Dream come true. Giannis deserves it with the way he has developed since being drafted 15th overall in 2013. The Bucks took a chance on a lanky, scrawny, young, player from Greece and it has paid off in a big way. While Giannis has failed to lead the Bucks past the Conference Semi-finals in the playoffs, he has proven that he is one of the most dynamic NBA players on both ends of the court.

The questions surrounding Giannis and his future in Milwaukee have been heating up for a little over a year now. The speculation that he would opt to enter free agency after this season rather than sign a new deal with the Bucks had been growing by the day. Finally, the Bucks organization and their fanbase can rest easy knowing that they have their franchise centerpiece locked up for the next 5 years. Obviously, he can still be traded throughout the duration of his new 5-year deal, but it is highly unlikely. The organization and fanbase will get the privilege of watching Giannis do what he does best for many years to come.

While the Bucks front office staff has worked to make improvements on the roster to keep Giannis happy, the work is far from over. Milwaukee did compromise their future for a ‘Win now’ move that saw them give up a few future first round selections. While the trade with the Pelicans netted them Jrue Holiday, only time will tell if that move will pay off and get the Bucks over the hump and into the Conference Finals or NBA Finals throughout Giannis’ 5-year deal.

If the Bucks cannot get over the hump and into finals contention, Giannis may want to investigate other options around the league to secure a Championship Ring. While I do not see Giannis as the type to force the Bucks hand by demanding a trade similar to Kawhi Leonard with the Spurs or James Harden with the Rockets, he will undoubtedly be a hot free agent commodity when he eventually hits the open market, and he could seek out another team in order to compete for a Championship.

Now that the prized possession of 2021 NBA Free Agency is officially off the market, teams that worked so hard to create cap space in hopes of landing Giannis must pivot to the trade market or other free agents. The big names that are scheduled to hit the open market next season include Chris Paul, Kawhi Leonard, Blake Griffin, Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, Otto Porter Jr., Mike Conley, Paul Millsap, Rudy Gobert, Andre Drummond.

A big win for small market franchises like the Milwaukee Bucks. Also, a huge win for their fanbase, and the Antetokounmpo’s present and future. A well-deserved, historic contract for Giannis. Now he can focus on his game rather than contract negotiations and rumors.

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