Jerry’s World — The Dumpster Fire that is “America’s Team”

Well… If you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse… Image being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Now 2–6, the Cowboys sit 3rd in the NFC East. Matching the number of Quarterbacks that have been under center through 8 weeks of the NFL season.

The Cowboys have had the makings for a Super bowl contending team the past few seasons. An elite offense (on paper), a quality defense, and an offensive line that ranked at the top of the league. However, they have not been able to put the pieces together and make a run in the playoffs.

Last season, they started out 3–0 and looked like they had figured it out. The offense was rolling. The defense was menacing, and the O-Line continued to dominate. They finished with an even 8–8 record good for 2nd in the division and barely missed the playoffs… Nowhere near what was expected after Super bowl chatter to start the season.

Jerry Jones sees the potential on his roster and begins handing out PHAT contracts to his top players.

- Jaylon Smith — 5 Years, $64 Million

- Zach Martin — 6 Years, $84 Million

- Ezekiel Elliot — 6 years, $90 Million

- Amari Cooper — 5 Years, $100 Million

- Demarcus Lawrence — 5 Years, $105 Million

Do not get me wrong, these are all top tier players that deserve to be paid as such, but there is one very important name that is missing from this list. Possibly the most important piece to any team that is looking to contend for a Super bowl… The Quarterback.

Going into this funky, unpredictable NFL season, Dak Prescott’s contract extension talks were at a standstill. The Cowboys refused to pay him after his rookie deal was up and put him on a Franchise tag for this season. This allowed them to keep him under contract for 2020 and presumably work out a new deal moving forward.

As it stands, Prescott is making $31.4 Million this season. Not a bad chunk of change, but for what he is worth, especially considering the money you have handed out over the last 2 seasons… he is being vastly underpaid and undervalued. His stats speak for themselves.

As many know by now… Prescott suffered a gruesome leg injury during week 5 against the Giants. He will be out for the rest of this season and possibly into next season.

He was visibly upset while getting carted off the field and rightfully so with so many different thoughts running through his head.

“Will I ever play football again?”

“Will I be replaced as Starting QB”

“Will the Cowboys still be willing to pay me and if so, how does this injury affect the amount?”

All valid questions that will storm through your mind if you know your season is over.

After 2 weeks of watching Andy Dalton at Quarterback and this past week watching Rookie, Ben DiNucci taking over as starter, it is safe to say that Dak Prescott can focus solely on his recovery and not his starting QB position. His starting role will be there once he fully recovers.

If anything, the last 3 weeks of quarterback play from the Dallas Cowboys should prove to Jerry Jones that he needs to pay Dak Prescott whatever amount necessary to keep him in the White and Blue.

As much as I love seeing the Cowboys struggle as much as the next NFL fan… the storyline of Dak Prescott’s injury with the underlying contract element is tragic. You never want to see anyone go down like he did. Especially after he got bashed by the media for speaking out about mental health issues in the offseason…

Dak is the type of player and competitor that it will take a lot more than a broken ankle to keep him down. He will be back playing Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys (hopefully under a more deserving contract), and it’s going to be one of those “feel good” moments of the 2021 NFL season that we can all look forward to…

Then we can return to our regularly scheduled programming of bashing on the Cowboys as we see fit.

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