Major Beef in the YouTube Game

2 Hype Kicks out Another Member (NOT CLICKBAIT)

My previous article about the YouTube community and the 1 on 1 Basketball matchup between Dev in the Lab and D’Vontay Friga did some numbers… at least to my standards. So, I figured, I would give it another go and dive into some YouTube beef that has been going around. This time it is surrounding the 2 Hype group.

For those who don’t know, the 2 Hype crew are a band of YouTubers who live in the ‘2 Hype House’ and create a wide range of content ranging from ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘Treasure Hunts’ to Dunk contests on mini hoops and other sports related content. Sounds lame… I know, but they have millions of subscribers and fans across the globe. They always have items or cash prizes that they are competing for similar to ‘Mr. Beast’ except many have speculated that 2 Hype’s giveaway’s and prizes are fake and the money and prizes are recycled from video to video.

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2 Hype used to be made up of 10 members with the heads of the crew being Jesse Riedel AKA ‘JesserTheLazer’, Kristopher London AKA ‘LSK’ and James Riedel AKA ‘Jiedel’. Now the group has been whittled down to six after the most recent controversy surrounding the dismissal of Tyler Glenn AKA ‘Mopi’ who happens to be Jesser’s childhood best friend.

Mopi has been with the 2 Hype crew since the beginning and while he may have ridden the coattails of the main creators, he has been an integral part of the group since its conception. Mopi is the one guy in the group that is constantly getting picked on. That is not the issue… every friend group has that one guy that they pick on, the one guy everyone knows has thick skin and can handle being the ‘butt of the joke’ Hell, I feel like I am that guy in my own friend group. Not only does every friend group have that one person, but every friend group needs that one person… it is an endearing quality to have to be able to take the jokes that are thrown at you and not take them personally. We all know that friends are friends, but best friends are the ones that you greet with an insult. That is Mopi.

Mopi has not posted on his personal YouTube account for a month or two now, and that is what started the speculation that maybe has was booted from 2 Hype. He was still seen in group videos on 2 Hype’s main YouTube channel as well as other members personal channels like CashNasty and Moochie. All of the speculation came to a head when Mopi took to twitter and quote tweeted ‘LHype, Cash and Mitchell cool tho’ on a video of the 2 Hype crew accepting a ‘Streamy Award’.

He doubled down on the tweet by saying ‘Not hacked and will be explaining in time. Also I didn’t get kicked, I left’ So obviously, there is something going on. Fans of the group started speculating on whether Mopi left the group or if he was kicked out like other members had been in the past. The YouTube community started to take sides.

Now this is where it gets interested. While Mopi claimed he did not get kicked from the group and that he left voluntarily, the 2 Hype crew saw it a different way. According to Jesser and other 2 Hype members like LSK and ZackTTG, Mopi has been dealing with some mental health issues… a major claim that is nothing to take lightly, but throughout the marathon of a year that is 2020, who isn’t going through something?

Jesser claims that he has been in contact with Mopi’s brother and other family members to express his concern for Mopi and his mental well-being, but many believe that this claim is a cover for something deeper that went on between Mopi and the group.

So, 2 Hype is claiming that Mopi expressed to them that he wants to take some time off and step away from the group. However, there is video evidence suggesting otherwise. Zack TTG and Kristopher London (LSK) are on recording telling Mopi that 2 Hype has major things planned coming up and that they don’t see Mopi in on this vision. I am paraphrasing but in the recording of a phone call you can hear LSK and Zack TTG telling Mopi that in order to avoid any negative connotations toward 2 Hype as a whole and to Mopi’s personal brand that they would like for him to say that he is stepping away from the group voluntarily rather than Mopi telling his fans and the YouTube community that 2 Hype is kicking him out.

2 Hype has done this in the past to former members that they have parted ways with. They create a narrative that the former members are stepping away voluntarily when in reality, the group is looking to get rid of members in order to take a bigger pay cut for themselves. It makes sense as each member takes a larger cut of their profits from videos, brand deals etc. if they have 6 members as opposed to 10.

Mopi has expressed that he will make a ‘Tell all’ video explaining what went on between himself and the group but has yet to post anything. Meanwhile, 2 Hype has threatened to take legal action toward Mopi if he does ‘Expose’ the group with a YouTube video explaining everything. If anyone has dirt on the 2 Hype group, it would be Mopi as he has been there since the beginning. It seems that the other members of 2 Hype are concerned that Mopi will expose them for being snakes and kicking him out for their own financial gain. The negative connotation toward the group if Mopi exposes them to the YouTube community and their fans would undoubtedly result in a loss of subscribers and most importantly, money. That is the last thing 2 Hype wants.

2 Hype went as far as to send out a ‘Cease and desist’ to Mopi exclaiming that if he does create a video exposing the group for kicking out members for financial gain that they will take him to court for any damages the group incurs.

If anything, that should tell us all we need to know. The fact that 2 Hype would go as far as threatening legal action to keep their reputation intact is all telling. They have kicked out members in the past and framed it in a way that makes it look like those former members left voluntarily.

I am really looking forward to seeing how the rest of this unfolds. I hope Mopi isn’t discouraged by the threat of legal action against him and creates the video that the whole YouTube community wants to see. In my opinion, this beef is pretty cut a dry. The 2 Hype crew want to take a bigger pay cut. The only way to do that is to get rid of some of their members.

Bottom line, I think the 2 Hype crew should have been straight up about this whole thing rather than being shady about it. Overall, they have handled this situation very poorly. They could have avoided all this drama had they just been straight up with their former members and their fans. Instead, they have caught themselves up in a sticky situation. All the evidence is out there. They are on recording telling members that they would like them to tell their fans they are stepping away rather than having the negative connotations of saying 2 Hype kicked them out.

Only one question remains… Who gets kicked out next?

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