Drawing Fouls and Extra Coaches Challenge?

The NBA is reportedly looking into a few notable rule changes. These rule changes surround players drawing a foul and the possibility of adding an additional coaches challenge if the first challenge is successful.

Similar to the NFL, the NBA has implemented a coaches challenge. The coaches challenge can be used on foul calls or other plays throughout the course of an NBA game. As of right now, each coach gets one single coaches challenge per game. However, like the NFL, the NBA will look to add an additional challenge if their first challenge is successful.

I am all for this rule change. While I don’t necessarily like the prospect of a coaches challenge in the NBA to begin with, it is not going anywhere. Some coaches are so hesitant to use their one coaches challenge especially in the first half of a game. The implementation of a 2nd coaches challenge if the first one is successful should give coaches more confidence to use their coaches challenge a bit more liberally. It is still very risky however. If your first challenge is used early on in the game but is not successful, then you are void of coaches challenges for the remainder of the game. That is the gamble coaches have to wrestle with in the end.

The new foul rule change is one that I am all in for. As of the past few years, there has been an epidemic in the NBA. This epidemic revolves around players making unnatural shooting motions in order to draw fouls. Superstars like James Harden, Steph Curry, Dame Lillard and others benefit from this call once or twice each game. If you are not a superstar player, don’t even try this move because you won’t get the call and you will look like a fish out of water trying to draw the foul and subsequently throwing up an erratic shot.

This new rule change will look into ‘Unnatural’ shooting motions when looking to draw a foul. Aside from that, this is all we know thus far. I assume the NBA will have a town hall with its officiating crews and have them keep their eyes out for these types of plays (As if that will help). I am all in on this rule. I absolutely despise the fact that players get away with jumping into opposing players in order to draw fouls. Most of the time it is a completely unnatural shooting motion, but as I mentioned before, if you are a superstar in the NBA, you will probably get yourself to the free throw line quite a bit by using this type of move.

I really do hope the NBA can flip the script on these types of plays and discourage players from flailing into defenders in order to draw fouls. I am not sure what type of repercussion that can be handed out in order to make this happen, but I am optimistic that the NBA and its officiating crews can have a positive impact in the efforts to rid the flailing and flopping from the game.

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