Space Jam 2: A New Legacy

My Thoughts on the Recently Released Trailer

The new Space Jam movie starring LeBron James has seemingly been in the works for ages. Finally, the first trailer for the movie coming out on July 16th, 2021 hit the internet. Of course, it was very polarizing. It seems as though people either loved the trailer or hated it.

I fell more toward the ladder side of the debate. I was born in 1994 and grew up watching Space Jam. Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes taking on the Monstars. It was an absolute staple in my rotation of movies as I assume it was for many kids growing up in the 90s. While I was not old enough to comprehend the greatness that was Michael Jordan and the 90’s era Chicago Bulls on the court, I fell in love with the game of basketball and the Chicago Bulls through that movie.

I think much of my disdain for the new Space Jam movie stems from two things. One, my hatred for LeBron James. I respect him for his actions on and off the court, but I can’t help but dislike him when he constantly broke my heart by beating the Chicago Bulls specifically in the playoffs whether he was playing for the Cavaliers or Heat. Two, it stems from my love for the original Space Jam and fear that this movie could somehow top the original (Which it can’t and won’t).

Don’t get me wrong, I am going to see the new Space Jam movie when it comes out, but the trailer was interesting. As usual, LeBron is looking to start a ‘Superteam’ where Michael Jordan took out the Monstars with a supporting cast of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and a beyond washed up Bill Murray. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

The new Space Jam looks like it is almost a mashup between the Matrix and the Black Panther. Sounds very weird, but that is the impression I got when I watched the trailer for the first time. It is most definitely a different vibe than the original Space Jam which is another thing that throws me off. In a way, I am glad this new version is not trying to remake the original version because LeBron will NEVER be Jordan as much as he tries to be. However, a part of me would like to see more similarities between the two.

Again, all we have thus far is a trailer so I cannot form too many opinions on the film until I watch the full thing. The one part of the Trailer that caught most peoples eye was the reenactment of the Dwyane Wade to LeBron James iconic Alley-oop where Wade tosses the ball up over his shoulder and poses for the camera while LeBron throws down the lob in the background. Not sure how many times LeBron will tie in his past achievements or accolades into the film similar to the original with Jordan’s baseball career with the Birmingham Barons.

Overall, I was not as impressed as many were with the trailer and will be looking forward to seeing the movie in its entirety to compare and contrast with the original. Stay tuned for that. Speaking to the 5 individuals that read these. Thanks, Brennan, Jack and Gramps.