Team Foles or Team Trubisky? — The Case for a Dual Quarterback Scenario in Chicago

The questionable quarterback play continues for the Chicago Bears… After making the much-anticipated switch from Mitch Trubisky to Nick Foles at Halftime of week 3, the pendulum was starting to swing back toward Trubisky. Now it is being reported that Trubisky will be sidelined with a shoulder injury. However, after 2 straight losses and your usual dose of Bears quarterback incompetency, fans and media members are asking the question… “Should the Bears consider bringing Mitch back as the starting QB when he is healthy?”

While head coach, Matt Nagy remains adamant that Nick Foles is the starting quarterback moving forward, it is a discussion worth having even after the recent news of Tubisky’s injury.

Nick Foles will have every opportunity to show that he is the best option the Bears have at quarterback over the next few weeks, but it is always fun to speculate on what the future could have in store.

The idea of switching back to #10 started after the Bears slow and painful loss to the Rams on Primetime. It was evident that a more mobile quarterback may have been a good move in certain situations. The pass rush from the Rams combined with a porous offensive line for the Bears was not a recipe for success. This was validated when Foles admitted to knowing when plays would and would not work due to the limited amount of time he would have in the pocket.

Nick Foles is not a mobile quarterback by any stretch of the imagination. When he gets pressured, he has not shown the ability to scramble away and improvise. He usually winds up on his back side for a loss or throws an errant pass.

A great example of this lack of scrambling ability reared its ugly head against the Saints. With the game on the line in overtime, it looked as if he could pick up the first down with his feet on a crucial 3rd and 9… He wound up putting the ball in his back pocket and taking a sack allowing the Saints to take over and kick the game winning field goal…

Obviously, we will never know the outcome if a more mobile quarterback like Trubisky would have been put in that same situation. Maybe he runs for the first down, the drive continues, and the Bears win the game… We will never know.

All I am saying is that in some situations, Mitch looks like the better option. That is why I am proposing a dual quarterback scenario.

Dual quarterback scenarios are few and far between. You see them a bit more frequently in College than you would in the NFL. You see it with the New Orleans Saints with how they use Taysom Hill. Taysom will come in at quarterback for 3–4 plays a game. What I am proposing with Trubisky and Foles would be more of situational time share.

Take week 3 for example… Trubisky played the entire first half. Bears are down 16… Foles relieves Trubisky in the 2nd half and the Bears come back to win the game. Foles was obviously the man for the job against a bad Atlanta Secondary. Foles, the veteran knew how to expose them which Trubisky simply could not do…

Flash forward to week 7 against the Rams… Foles was being pressured and could not extend broken plays outside of the pocket. Perhaps, Mitch Trubisky could have been the 'Change of Pace’ quarterback that could extend busted plays and make things happen down field for the Bears offense.

Again, the only concrete evidence we have of a quarterback time- split working… While not necessarily planned, was week 3 in Atlanta. Week 7 against the Rams and Week 8 against the Saints will remain a mystery on whether Trubisky would have had any impact on the outcome or not.

To be completely clear, I am not proposing a complete 50–50 split. I am simply suggesting that there be a mutual agreement between Nagy and both quarterbacks. If you look at a specific matchup and you conclude that the offense might benefit from a more mobile quarterback… Start Mitch. If the matchup calls for a pocket passer… Start Foles.

If Foles starts a game and is not looking great, try to toss Mitch in there. The benefit of having an unpredictable offense will limit what the opposing team can prepare for before the game. If Foles starts and Mitch comes in at half, it could cause confusion for the defense and allow the Bears offense to put up some points. This mutual understanding will tell Foles that he didn’t do anything wrong, they just think Mitch is the better option for a given game or situation.

This quarterback conundrum in Chicago seems never ending. We did see Mitch come into the game for one snap where he gained 3 or 4 yards in week 8 against the Saints (The apparent shoulder injury occurred on this play that will have him sidelined until week 12)… It was a welcomed sight to see him back out there and is something I think the Bears should experiment with once he is healthy.

Who knows what the team looks like once Mitch is cleared to return… Either way the Bears look to have a semi-unfavorable schedule coming up, so Foles has his work cut out for him to secure his starting role. If he falls short of what is expected, we could see 3rd stringer Tyler Bray take over until Trubisky is ready to take over once again.

Just how the Bears drew it up from the start…

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