The Bears are who we Thought They Were

Bears Brass on the Hot Seat after Sunday Night Meltdown

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Chicago Bears Head Coach, Matt Nagy and General Manager, Ryan Pace.

The Chicago Bears suffered yet another embarrassing loss on National Television last night. This time it was at the hands of their division rival, Green Bay Packers. A final score of 41–25 does not reflect how lopsided this game was from start to finish.

An utterly demoralizing and humiliating loss for the Bears. Aaron Rodgers diced up the Bears defense like he was playing against the Little Giants. In fact, I think the Little Giants would have put up a better fight than the Bears. Chicago showed no sense of heart, pride, or urgency until the game was out of reach. The Packers did whatever they wanted for the full 60 minutes.

The big story coming into the game was that Mitch Trubisky would be the starting quarterback for Chicago as Nick Foles was out with a Hip injury sustained on the final drive against the Vikings.

Bears fans rallied around Trubisky leading up to this game. All the Bears had to do was beat the Packers and they were right back in the thick of the playoff hunt. On their first drive, the threat of Trubisky running opened a rushing lane for David Montgomery who scampered for 57 yards down inside the 10-yard line of the Packers. A few failed attempts at the endzone later, and they had to settle for a field goal. The next Chicago drive showed some promise as well. They seemed to have more life than what we have seen with Foles under center. Then, Trubisky decided to take a deep shot down field into double coverage and was intercepted. I am not faulting him for trying to make a big play down the field, but that pass had no chance of being completed.

I will give credit to Chicago’s offensive line. While they did have a costly holding penalty that negated a first down, Trubisky seemed to have more time to let plays develop before having to throw the ball or scramble out of the pocket. That is why Trubisky, while not a great option at quarterback, gives the Bears offense a much-needed running threat as opposed to Foles. There were plenty of instances where the pocket broke down and Trubisky used his legs to avoid a sack. Although, he still does not grasp the concept of throwing the ball away when he is outside the pocket rather than running out of bounds for a loss of yards. In his 4th season, he should know to throw the ball away rather than taking a loss. That is rookie behavior.

Even with his poor decision making in some instances on Sunday Night, Trubisky deserves some credit. After leading the Bears to a 2–0 start and being benched at halftime of week 3 only to have his number called in the biggest game of the season is a wild roller coaster ride of emotions. He rolled with the punches and showed what a true teammate looks like. You must respect him for that if anything.

Overall, the offense did look marginally better with Trubisky than it has with Foles. I hope Matt Nagy and the Bears see that Trubisky gives this offense a fighting chance at winning a few football games down the stretch of the season. Hopefully, they roll with him as the starting quarterback the rest of the way.

I see no possibility of Trubisky playing his way into a contract with the Bears if they do decide to let him ride out the remaining games as the starter. This will be his last season in Chicago. A failed experiment by the Bears who traded up to pick #2 to take Trubisky. That fateful decision will haunt them for many years to come. The Mahomes and Watson comparison along with questions on ‘What could have been?’ will continue to be a topic of conversation until the Bears have a competent quarterback… even then, every broadcaster who gets to call a Bears game will seize the opportunity to bring it up.

Low-hanging fruit… cannot blame them, but at some point, they must move on, right?

That is not the only blunder Ryan Pace and the Bears have made throughout the years. They have had four top 10 picks since 2015. Those picks turned into Kevin White, Roquan Smith, Leonard Floyd, and Mitchell Trubisky.

The way I see it, Roquan Smith is the only one of these picks that has panned out. Aside from draft picks, the Bears have done absolutely nothing to construct an offensive line. Any offense would look as bad as the Bears beyond the offensive line as it is currently assembled.

If the neglect of the offensive line and Mitchell Trubisky pick are not enough to get somebody fired, then signing Robert Quinn should put the final nail in the coffin. Chicago spent $70 Million to bring in Robert Quinn to bolster this defense. He has done absolutely nothing all season long. The Bears should have used that money to improve this offensive line unit.

Bottom line is something must change. Bears fans are starting to call for heads. This is turning into a Chicago Bulls situation where the pressure from the fans could help enact some change around the organization. If something is not done soon, this team will be stuck in mediocrity for the foreseeable future.

Don’t get me wrong, it was abundantly clear on Sunday Night that Green Bay is simply the better team. Granted they will go nowhere come playoff time, embarrassing their archrivals in primetime is a nice consolation. Chicago will get another crack at the Packers week 17 at Soldier Field. Luckily for Chicago, the Packers may not have anything to play for, so the Bears will have every opportunity at revenge against the Packers 2nd unit.

With their 5th straight loss, the Bears fall to 5–6 while the Packers improve to 8–3. All hope for a Bears divisional championship have been dashed, but it is something that Bears fans should have known from the outset of the season. This team should never have been 5–1 to start the season in the first place, but man did 5–1 feel good. All along, Bears fans knew it was too good to be true, and now we see Chicago’s true colors….

Once again, in the words of the great Romeo Crennel… ‘The Bears are who we thought they were.’ And nobody is letting them off the hook.

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