The Best of the Bottom-Feeders

NFC East Division Champion is Crowned

The NFC East in the NFL has widely been regarded as the worst division in professional sports. They lived up to that billing this season that saw the winner of the division finish with a 7–9 record. While it looked like the final record of the NFC East division champion was going to be a lot worse, the Washington Football Team exceeded expectations and finished the season 7–9 and took the division.

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The division title came down to week 17. The Cowboys, Giants and Washington Football Team were still alive and fighting for the division title and a playoff berth while the Philadelphia Eagles were playing for bragging rights and to be the spoilers… Or so we thought.

Week 17 saw the Giants face off against the Cowboys and the Eagles go up against the Washington Football Team on Sunday Night Football. Whoever won the Cowboys and Giants game would be intently watching Sunday Night Football. If the Eagles were to beat the Washington Football team, than the winner of the Cowboys and Giants game would win the division and their playoff dreams would come true.

The Giants ended up winning a close, hard fought battle against the Dallas Cowboys. This officially eliminated the Cowboys from playoff contention, and the Giants would be rooting for the Eagles to beat Washington later that night to see their playoff hopes come to fruition.

Fast forward to Sunday night. Jalen Hurts and the Eagles were playing well through the first 3 quarters. Washington was leading 17–14 and New York Giants fans and players were hoping the Eagles would want to win the final game of the season against a division rival and knock them out of the playoffs….

Quite the contrary… The Eagles benched Jalen Hurts who had two rushing touchdowns so far in the game and they put in their 3rd stringer, Nate Sudfeld because apparently, head coach Doug Pederson wanted to ‘See what they had’ in Sudfeld going into next season.

Giants players like Darius Slayton, Blake Martinez and more took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the Eagles seemingly conceding the game to the Washington Football Team which would knock the Giants out of the playoffs.

While there was no real benefit in the Eagles winning their final game of the season… It was quite surprising to see them give up and put their 3rd string quarterback in the game. Again, they could not win the division or make the playoffs in any capacity, but they could have put up a fight in a close game against a divisional foe and spoiled their opportunity to win the NFC East and make the playoffs.

It was a 3-point margin late in the game, and the Eagles gave up to see what they had in their 3rd string quarterback rather than having some pride and winning a football game against one of their rivals. I just don’t get it. I understand the frustration from Giants fans who were rooting for the Eagles to win.

I do think the Washington Football Team has a much better chance at winning a game as opposed to the Giants, so I don’t mind the outcome, but I would have loved to see some fight or pride from the Eagles who should have taken this game personally even though it had no bearing on their playoff chances.

Looking on the bright side, we won’t have to watch this horrible division for much longer as the Washington Football Team will likely be eliminated next weekend, but so would the Giants, Eagles or Cowboys had they won the division…

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