2017 Quarterback Draft Class

Mahomes, Trubisky, and Watson

The low hanging fruit for broadcasters that they just cannot let go is the comparisons between Patrick Mahomes, Mitchell Trubisky, and Deshaun Watson. Yes, we all know that the Chicago Bears passed up on Mahomes and Watson. In fact, they traded up to pick #2 to pass on those two quarterbacks and instead they took Mitch Trubisky out of North Carolina. A decision the Chicago Bears will feel the effects of for many years to come.

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Football analysts, broadcasters, and media members cannot pass up any opportunity to remind Bears fans of what could have been. I stand by the opinion that Mahomes was drafted into the perfect situation with the Chiefs. He has elite pass catchers in Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, the Chiefs defense has been very good since Mahomes was drafted, and they are coached by one of the best in the business in Andy Reid. Bottom line is that I don’t think Mahomes would be Mahomes if he was drafted by the Bears. Nor do I think Deshaun Watson would be as decent as he has been for his career had the Bears drafted him. In fact, Watson said that the Bears didn’t even interview him before the draft, and he took it to heart apparently.

Oh, and yes, I said did say decent career. Deshaun Watson has had some very impressive games and plenty of highlight reel plays throughout his young career, but overall, I don’t think he should be in the conversation of guys the Bears could have had.

At any rate, this past Sunday, it was refreshing to see that Trubisky avoided further criticism and comparisons with a great performance in a win over Watson and the Houston Texans at Soldier Field. The Chicago Bears annihilated Deshaun Watson and the Texans by a score of 36–7. Trubisky put up 267 yards through the air and 3 passing touchdowns on 24 of 33 pass attempts (73%). Even better, he did not throw an interception.

So that was Mitch’s stat line. Let’s take a look at Deshaun Watson on Sunday against the Bears. Watson threw for 219 yards and 1 touchdown while completing 21 of 30 pass attempts (70%). He also did not throw an interception. As we know, they are both mobile quarterbacks. Trubisky ran 4 times for 23 yards while Watson rushed 7 times for 38 yards.

You may say, ‘But Michael, this was just one game and the Texans defense stinks while the Bears defense is pretty good’

While that is a valid argument, and I acknowledge that the Texans defense stinks, let’s dive into their career stats… Shall we?

Since being drafted in 2017, here is the stat comparison breakdown between Mitch Trubisky and Deshaun Watson.

Mitchell Trubisky- Chicago Bears

Games: 48

Record: 27–20

Completion %: 63.42

Pass Yards: 9,890

Pass Touchdowns: 61

Interceptions: 34

Deshaun Watson- Houston Texans

Games: 51

Record: 28–22

Completion %: 67.34

Pass Yards: 13,477

Pass Touchdowns: 96

Interceptions: 35

Deshaun has played 3 more games than Trubisky. Trubisky has a better record as a starting quarterback, and one less interception while Watson boasts more yards, and touchdown passes.

However, you must realize that Mitch has done his work with little to no help from his receivers, or offensive line. You simply cannot say the same for Watson. Watson has played most of his career with elite, All-NFL talent on the outside. He has had the services of DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller that have helped him boost his passing numbers. It also helps that they have not had a good running back for years and have been forced to air the ball out down the field. Trubisky has had Allen Robinson and that is it. Chicago also likes to run the football, so that explains why Mitch’s passing numbers are below Watson’s.

I am not saying I would take Trubisky over Watson, but all I am saying is that Deshaun Watson does not deserve to be in the conversation of ‘Quarterbacks the Bears passed up on in the 2017 NFL draft’

It is likely that Trubisky will be on his way out of Chicago after this season and the Bears will look to take a quarterback with their 1st round pick in this years NFL draft. Trubisky has had a burden of living up to such high expectations ever since he was drafted. You cannot blame him for the Bears trading up to #2 to take him. Yes, he has underperformed, but the offense that has been built around him left him no real fighting chance of becoming the guy the Bears drafted him to be.

All that matters today is that Mitchell Trubisky outdueled Deshaun Watson head-to-head, and Patrick Mahomes threw 3 interceptions in NFL’s week 14. The NFL media, analysts and so called ‘expert’s’ can chew on that as they will have to come up with a new narrative leading into week 15 and beyond.

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