White Sox Poach Another Cub Legend

Len Kasper Leaves Cubs Broadcast Booth for White Sox Radio

After 16 long years of being the voice of the Chicago Cubs, Len Kasper is making his move to the South Side. He will now work for ESPN100 and call Chicago White Sox Games on the radio.

Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies in the Cubs Broadcast Booth

This is not the first time the White Sox have poached a Cubs Broadcaster. Steve Stone used to be the voice of the Chicago Cubs before he made the switch to calling games for the White Sox.

As a Broadcaster, I would imagine after 16 years of calling any team, you become a big fan of said team. Len Kasper worked through Cubs seasons that saw them muster 50 wins… He was calling games through all the bad times which culminated in a Cubs World Series victory back in 2016. You would imagine that such a tumultuous tenure that climaxed with a World Series Ring would tether Len Kasper to the Cubs until he retires. Obviously, that is not the case. He now moves on from being the face of the Cubs on WGN and most recently the Marquee Sports Network to being the Radio voice of the crosstown rival, White Sox.

One would venture to guess that Len has become a die-hard Cubs fan after 16 years of calling games. That he would never think about joining the rival team across town. So, the questions are worth asking….

Is Len Kasper a White Sox Fan?


Did the new Marquee Network and their policies run him out of town?

The Marquee Network is the new home for Chicago Cubs Baseball. They just finished up their first year as the primary network this past season. Len Kasper and his partner in the booth, Jim DeShaies seemed a bit different this past year while they were acclimating to the new network and the policy changes that came with it.

One of the main policy changes that the Marquee Network enacted was a ‘Business Professional’ dress code when in the booth and on TV. Cubs Broadcasters and Television personalities were always seen in fitted suits throughout games and during pre-game and post-game content. While this was one of the noticeable changes as opposed to WGN, I am sure there were many more like it.

It is possible that Kasper did not like what Marquee was doing with their policy changes and wanted a change of scenery. Thus, taking the job to become the voice of the White Sox on ESPN1000 radio.

It is also possible that Kasper sees the impeding doom surrounding the Chicago Cubs and wanted to call meaningful postseason baseball games which is where the White Sox seem to be trending towards.

Could we call Len Kasper a ‘Ring Chaser’? Absolutely. However, he was a great broadcaster throughout his 16 years with the Chicago Cubs, and he will be sorely missed. You cannot blame him for leaving a team that is reverting back to becoming the ‘Loveable Losers’ for a team that should be in contention to win it all for the foreseeable future.

It goes without saying that Len Kasper is a huge baseball fan, and he will thrive in his new role with the White Sox. However, taking a radio job over the broadcast booth is a bit of a head scratcher.

Oh well, the Cubs will not be playing meaningful games any time soon. It is looking like this offseason that the Cubs are cleaning house. Kyle Schwarber, Albert Almora Jr., and Len Kasper are the first of many departures from the North Side.

I may watch the upcoming MLB Season on mute if I watch it at all.

Good luck to Len Kasper and his new role with ESPN1000 and the Chicago White Sox. His voice will be missed on WGN and the new Marquee Network. At least, he will not have to dress like he is going to a wedding for 162 days out of the year.